Sunday, 15 October 2017


We went to Cardiff yesterday for a day trip as it is not too far away and offers a superb selection of shops, plenty of parking and friendly people.

The weather was dry and bright all day and as such the city centre was crowded meaning there was a variety of subject matter about.

I decided to take just the "Pocket Rocket" (Fuji X70) for the day as I had not used it for a while and did not want to carry a DSLR for the day.  Interestingly there were a lot of other photographers shooting street with DSLR's so good to see more people doing it.

These are the photos that I am pleased with.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Out and about

Had lunch with the family at the Gateway Cafe by Cotswold Camping then went to a local area for a walk (3.8 miles) and some photos.
As usual the D500+24-120mm and the SB700 delivered the goods.
I consider myself so lucky to have a hobby that encourages exercise and fresh air - all things that help in my recovery.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Allotment

Out for my daily constitutional with camera and headed over to the allotment (one of the oldest in town) and had a chat with a couple of the locals busy digging their patch.

It is the time of year that offers a mix of natures options as some flowers wilt and die and others survive and bloom.

It was a good opportunity to use the macro lens and a touch of fill flash helped.