Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gloucester - off the streets

A dull day today so took a drive over to Gloucester and parked in an area away from my normal stomping ground so that I could visit and area I am not used to and head for an area further along the river from the docks.

I did come across some old tired buildings and in turn some old boats in a state of disrepair as well as some graffiti.

Just one person in this weeks photos and he was chilling and enjoying a beer so we had a very quick chat as I took his photo.

Elegant Ladies

My wife had 2 lovely ladies visit yesterday for hair styling and makeup and they were styled in a mix what can be described as "Vintage Hair Art".

Once their hair and makeup had been completed I had a short amount of time to take some photos of them and with failing light had to work quickly before moving back inside for some photos inside.

They looked absolutely stunning and the clothes they were wearing all contributed to the success of the afternoon.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Sunrise and mist on the way to work

I had the little Fuji X70 in my pocket this morning just in case and it was a chilly morning (-2°C) so a scraping job.

Luckily, on the way to work there was some mist by a stream and then a little further on I stopped to grab a couple of photos of the sunrise - a very bright sun casting a beautiful orange glow across the landscape.

Finished with a couple of sky shots from yesterday.

It was a case of right time, right place and having a camera with me.


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Wet and windy Bath

I drove Sheila to Bath yesterday as she was working so once I had safely delivered her to the venue and found somewhere to park, I had a couple of hours to take photos.

It was an umbrella day with caution - I say that as it was gusty and in some of the streets the weather was just funnelled between the buildings adding to the strength of the rain and wind so I tried a mix of indoors and out.

I travelled light with just the DF and 24-120 and as usual it delivered despite the challenges of light and weather.