Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Sheila took me out this afternoon to stop me festering at home.

We went for a drive to Bibury and had a walk around the village so I was able to get some exercise and grab a few photos of Arlington Row with the superb Nikon DF + 50mm lens, the church and other areas before visiting the William Morris Tea Rooms (now owned and run by people we know).

We had a lovely cup of coffee each and a brie and grape toastie each - yummy and a pleasant snack and conversation.

It was a really enjoyable trip out and good time spent with my wife - thanks She.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nature by the lakes

I spent a good few hours today with my good friend Rob who took me out to the Waterpark so that we could capture some nature shots.

I had the D500 with me and even though I had the 105mm f2.8 Macro in my bag, I spent all the time shooting with the 300mm f4 PF lens and have to say I am amazed at the versatility of this lens and it's close focus capability is incredible.

These are the images from today.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Castle Combe racing.

My good friend Rob took me to Castle Combe race circuit yesterday (still cannot drive yet following surgery).

We had a great day with sunny skies and some good racing to capture, it was an opportunity for Rob to test his new Panasonic and for me the first opportunity to try the D500 with both the 300mm f4 PF and 24-120mm f4 lenses so not too much equipment to carry.

To say I am astonished at the performance of the D500 is probably an understatement and the autofocus was superb and did not miss a shot so out of nearly 300 images taken, there was only 1 that was soft and that was due to me not the equipment.

I had the camera set on group and continuous high so that I could try and control the number of images taken up to 10fps, I did manage to control it to 2/3 images at a time so even though there were a lot of duplications of images in some cases the minor differences made the option for a better end shot easier.

To summarise, I am delighted with the change back to Nikon and have no regret, yes the D500 is larger and heavier but the extra size and weight are not huge compared to the XT2 with battery grip and in fact the Fuji kit is taller.

These are the images from yesterday edited down to select the best from multiple choice captures.

Did I say I am very happy with the D500.......................well I am!